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The Importance of Writing and Sharing Memories

Tonight we had an enjoyable dinner with Elaine, my step grandmother (on my mom’s side of the family). As we dropped her off at her place, Elaine shared some of her memoirs with us. As part of her foreword, she … Continue reading

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AudioMo as an Experiment for Podcasting

This year I participated in my first “AudioMo” – an online challenge to record something every day during the month of June. Record what, exactly? What ever strikes your fancy – it’s like what folks post to Facebook or Twitter … Continue reading

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Getting Unsaved yet Open Text Edit Documents

It turns out you can get to OS X Text Edit documents which you have yet to save, but are still open – they are auto-saved in ~/Library/Containers/ Information as .rtf files. Why .rtf files, probably because Text Edit doesn’t … Continue reading

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The New Safe

I can recall a lot of appreciation and praise during both my child and adult hood, for avoiding harm and minimizing risk. Everyone wants their investments and responsibilities to stay safe, whether we’re talking about one’s children, students, data, reputation, … Continue reading

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Workaround for Keyboard Maestro no longer speaking text in Yosemite

I use Keyboard Maestro for automation, but also to help me quickly get information on my Mac. For example, I have hotkeys which speak the current time, and battery status. When I upgraded my Mac to Yosemite I first dealt with … Continue reading

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Unified Mac and Fusion VM hostnames with Dnsmasq

I have virtual machines in VMware Fusion which need to find one-another by hostname, such as Puppet clients talking to a Puppet master. The VMware Fusion DNS forwarder will resolve names in my Mac’s /etc/hosts file for my VMs, but … Continue reading

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Configuring the VMA as a syslog server for ESXi

I wanted to use our VMware vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) as a syslog server for ESXi hosts. Central logging is a good thing, and since there is already a VMA in our environment, it may as well receive logs while … Continue reading

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