AudioMo as an Experiment for Podcasting

This year I participated in my first “AudioMo” – an online challenge to record something every day during the month of June. Record what, exactly? What ever strikes your fancy – it’s like what folks post to Facebook or Twitter – your mileage may vary. :)) I enjoyed hearing other AudioMoers (1), and getting to know 10-15 new people during the month. The #AudioMo hash tag brings people together around these recordings in a pretty cool way. I’m glad I completed the challenge – making a recording every day wasn’t always something I was in the mood for, but it was worth it.

You can check out my AudioMo recordings on my audioBoom page. As I get back into blogging here, I’ll link to recordings which I expand on in writing.

I treated my AudioMos like mini podcasts – rather than just talking about how many coffees I drank (2), or recorded the sound paint makes when dries, I discussed things which were both authentic and (hopefully) interesting to listeners. While I don’t have a clear idea for a podcast, nor a podcast co-host, my AudioMo experience does confirm that I would enjoy podcasting some day.

  1. Are AudioMoers sort of like lawn mowers…? LOL
  2. I don’t drink coffee, although I do love the smell of it. That was a humorous example of the sort of benign detail I sometimes see on social media.
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