vCenter upgrade changes DB recovery mode

At work, the vCenter service crashed this morning, because the database log had filled up it’s disk. We were confused about this, because we previously set the MS SQL recovery mode to simple. Now, the recovery mode is set to bulk recovery – how did that happen?

IT turns out the recovery mode is changed incorrectly during the vCenter upgrade to version 4.1 RE: KB 1026430 (Transaction log for vCenter Server database grows large after upgrading to vCenter
Server 4.1)

After setting the recovery mode back to simple, the log file which filled up the disk still needs to be shrank. The dbcc shrinkfile command ran for a couple of hours, and appeared to do nothing. Following the instructions in KB 1003980 (Troubleshooting transaction logs on a Microsoft SQL database server) ended up shrinking the 43Gb log file in about a minute.

Note to self: Check the recovery model of the vCenter database after every upgrade!

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